Wolves At The Gate

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Captors Track List

  1. The Harvest
  2. Awaken
  3. Morning Star
  4. Dead Man
  5. In Your Wake
  6. Slaves
  7. Step Out To The Water
  8. Amnesty
  9. Safeguards
  10. Through The Night
  11. Man Of Sorrows

Quick Bio

In late 2011, Ohio post-hardcore outfit WOLVES AT THE GATE unholstered their guns and fired a warning shot in the form of their debut EP, We Are the Ones. The 6-song set quickly gained the band a well-deserved reputation among fans and critics as a forward-thinking, art-minded group whose music was as cerebral and nuanced as it was ferocious and deliciously heavy.

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Steve Cobucci - Vocals/Guitar
Jeremy Steckel - Guitar
Ben Summers - Bass
Nick Detty - Vocals
Ben Millhouse - Drums