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Find Your Worth, Come Home

To Speak Of Wolves' new album "Find Your Worth, Come Home" will be available in stores and online May 22nd.

The band's first album with dynamic new frontman Gage Speas, "Find Your Worth, Come Home" sees the revitalized lineup reaching into darker, heavier and faster territory. It’s an album of rediscovery, and an album that freshly stamps what To Speak Of Wolves is about, from the title on down.

“The title is about we've been doing - finding ourselves as a band, proving what are and doing what we do best,” explains drummer and founding member Phil Chamberlain. “This record is something that we're incredibly proud of. We've gotten a lot of compliments about how intense we are live and I don't think that came across on the first album. This time around we went into the recording process wanting to make sure to capture that intensity, and I think we did that."

"We couldn't be more stoked and proud of what we've created with this album,” Chamberlain exclaims. “We are excited and can't wait to share it with everyone!" 

Quick Bio

North Carolina's To Speak Of Wolves is back and better than ever. After taking a giant leap forward with 2016's New Bones ep, the band is back with Solid State Records and preparing for a new full length album later in 2017.


Gage Speas, Vocals
Phil Chamberlain, Drums
Seth Webster, Bass
Andrew Gaultier, Guitar