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Rock The Foe Hammer Track List

  1. Internal Combustion
  2. Skody's Coming
  3. When Reality Sinks In
  4. Let's Ride
  5. In Vain We Fail
  6. The Glory Days
  7. Wasting Time
  8. Wolf to Eat
  9. A Knife in the Dark
  10. Skody's Foe Hammer
  11. Experience the Experience
  12. To Die For

Quick Bio

Brutal lyrics and music. A thundering approach guitar approach in the vein of Black Sabbath-meets Mettalica-plus the literal drum and bass thud-would conquer most contenders. The lyrics are challenging, unaffected, and honest.


Rickey Rodgers: Lead Vocals, Guitar
Brian Fletchner: Rhythm Guitar. BG Vocals
Phil Smith: Bass Guitar
Tim Henderson: Drums, BG Vocals