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The Dead Next Door Track List

  1. Please Don't Go Out Tonight
  2. The Two Forty Eight Lie
  3. Render Quench Create
  4. Marasums
  5. A Glance at Quintessecnce
  6. Good Cop, Bad Cop
  7. All Indentured Loveables
  8. The Burgundy Room
  9. What Ever Happened to the Indie Queen?
  10. DJ Jazzy Steve

Quick Bio

Originally, the band featured vocalist and guitarist Matt Beck, drummer Chris Raines, and bassist Jimmy Reeves. With this lineup, they released an EP called Straining Towards What's To Come on 2Jake Records and The Dead Next Door on Solid State Records in 1999.


Jimmy Reeves - bass
Scottie Henry - guitar (Norma Jean)
Ian Sabo - bass guitar