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Bless The Martyr and Kiss The Child Track List

  1. Entire World Is Counting on Me, and They Don't Even Know It
  2. Face: Face
  3. Memphis Will Be Laid to Waste
  4. Creating Something out of Nothing, Only to Destroy It
  5. Pretty Soon, I Don't Know What, but Something Is Going to Happen
  6. Shotgun Message
  7. Sometimes It's Our Mistakes That Make for the Greatest Ideas
  8. I Used to Hate Cell Phones but Now I Hate Car Accidents
  9. It Was As if the Dead Man Stood Upon the Air
  10. Human Face, Divine
  11. Organized Beyond Recognition

Quick Bio

Ask most serious bands about the recording process, and if they don’t compare it to giving birth, they’ll likely tell you that making an album is akin to psychotherapy. But let’s be real here: How many of those bands actually take the album-as-therapy idea literally? For Atlanta quintet Norma Jean, who for all intents and purposes should be some of the most content dudes in underground music right now, the recording sessions for their third album, Redeemer, packed group therapy, boot camp and endurance test into one gnarly package.

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Scottie Henry - Guitar
Chris Day - Guitar
Cory Brandan - Vocals
Chris Raines - Drums
Jake Schultz - Bass