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The Infinite Order - Deluxe Edition
Posted by Living Sacrifice on 12/01/10

The Infinite Order - Deluxe Edition The Infinite Order Deluxe came out on Nov. 30 and a lot of our fans seem disappointed that it's only available digitally and not as a physical release. Well, sorry, but that is just the way it is these days. I mean, have you walked into one of the bigger chains that sell CDs lately? The selection is increasingly smaller. I agree, that sucks, but it is what it is, ya' know? And so it goes.

With all of that being said: the digital deluxe edition of The Infinite Order is pretty awesome! It will have a 4 camera professionally shot DVD and 3 bonus tracks "Glasshouses" (unreleased), "Flatline" (live) and "Symbiotic" (live). Some of you have asked if "Glasshouses" is the "lost" Hammering Process song. It is not. That song will see the light of day eventually, but not now. This is brand new. And those of you who still treasure having something to hold in your hands besides an iPod, don't despair: we are working on a physical DVD that will be out sometime next year. It won't be sold in stores, but when you order it online (or pick it up at a show), you can hold it in your hands!

Hey did ya know we are going on tour with our buddies in The Showdown and Becoming The Archetype? To Speak of Wolves and As They Sleep are also on the tour and I am stoked to hear these guys each night as well. It's the Solid State "A Very Metal Christmas" Tour.

It is a short one, going to the West Coast and back. We are planning on pulling out some rarely played LS songs for this one and possibly a cover tune (which we have NEVER done!) It will prove to be a good one for sure. I really hope you can make it. Check the dates here...

Thanks and God Bless
Bruce LS

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Living Sacrifice have been legends in the world of Christian metal for over 20 years. Their 1991 debut self-titled album forever set in stone their reputation as a cutting edge death metal band, helping bridge the gap between mainstream and underground metal, especially in the Christian rock scene. Former and current members of Living Sacrifice have gone on to play in P.O.D., Evanescence, Demon Hunter, and Norma Jean. The band helped develop the foundation for what Solid State Records would build their entire arsenal of bands upon, including the likes of Underoath, Haste The Day, Demon Hunter, and many others!

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Bruce Fitzhugh - Vocals / Guitar
Lance Garvin - Drums
Rocky Gray - Lead Guitar
Arthur Green - Bass