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Our New Record "Attack Of The Wolf King" Out Soon!
Posted by Haste The Day on 06/01/10

Our New Record "Attack Of The Wolf King" Out Soon! HOLA AMIGOS!

WOW, are we putting out another record? To be honest with you guys, being a part of this band since the beginning, I've never been more proud of anything that we have done as a band. These songs have so much feeling and the shred is ridiculous. Judging by your reactions to the new songs, and knowing what you will experience when you hear the rest, this will be your favorite record.

Oh yeah, the DVD "To The Ends of the Earth" turned out REALLY cool. It has alot of live footage, Haste The Day on safari, hours of us being stupid, and an extra special (never before seen) music video. Want a hint? This song has 26 letters....

We leave for our "Attack of the Wolf King" tour in a week and we are really excited to get back on the road. If you can't make it out to those shows, come see us on Warped Tour. We would love to meet ya! Come meet us at the merch table!
Much love to all the HTD fans.

Keep it burnin!
Michael, Stephen, Dave, Giuseppe, and Scotty

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Michael Murphy - Bass
Stephen Keech - Vocals
Dave Krysl - Guitar
Giuseppe Capolupo - Drums
Scotty Whelan - Guitar