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European Tour Day 4
Posted by Demon Hunter on 11/04/10

Well, we were back up bright and early again this morning to tackle our 8 hour drive. I know an 8 hour drive doesn't sound exciting (and honestly its not), BUT I must say that the Northern Italian country...

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European Tour: Day 3
Posted by Demon Hunter on 11/04/10

Morning came quickly to catch our flights to Germany, we all walked like zombies to jump in the van and got checked into the airport. Unfortunately when they were checking in all our bags they ended up...

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European Tour Day 2: Oslo, Norway
Posted by Demon Hunter on 11/04/10

Woke up this morning in the hostel. I don't want to jinx it, but I think I have done a pretty good job adjusting to the time difference, we had a solid 7 hours of sleep last night, and I woke up feeling...

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European Tour Day 1: Oslo, Norway
Posted by Demon Hunter on 11/03/10

It was 20 hours of travel to make it to Norway. Our flight from Seattle was delayed about 40 mins or so, but it was just enough time that we missed our connection in London. Our sleep was all messed up...

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Keep It Heavy
Posted by Demon Hunter on 03/11/10

Keep It Heavy What's up, this is Patrick Judge of Demon Hunter. For those of you that are into the tech side of things, I'll be walking through my set up, and a little info about the guitar tones on "The World Is...

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The World Is A Thorn Artwork
Posted by Demon Hunter on 02/06/10

The World Is A Thorn Artwork Hello everyone. This is Ryan Clark from Demon Hunter and I'm going to be talking about the artwork for our new album, The World Is A Thorn, which will be available March 9th.

As some of you may know,...

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Quick Bio

Demon Hunter is something of profound meaning to their fans, friends, families and supporters, as evidenced by the countless tattoos, fan artwork and videos built upon the metal group’s iconic symbol, album artwork, lyrics, overall message and vibe. To many, Demon Hunter is more than a band. Demon Hunter is a symbol, a voice in the darkness.

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