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"Someone To Hate" Lyrics
Posted by Demon Hunter on 02/24/12

A figure for the closing of time, the antagonist divine
Void of vacant word, one final answer to be heard
I will carry my decree into a storm of lead
This is total war, my want for tolerance is dead


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European Tour Day 16 - Glasgow, Scotland
Posted by Demon Hunter on 11/17/10

Back up at 2 pm, and the weather in Scotland is miserable. Sideways rain, blustering wind and bone chilling cold. But we're here and alive. We headed down to the venue to load in. The venue is called...

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European Tour Day 15 - Nottingham, England
Posted by Demon Hunter on 11/12/10

We left our Colchester house around Noon and took our time heading to Nottingham, land of Sherwood forest, Robin Hood and the Friar Tuck. Or so we envisioned. We rolled into Nottingham around 4, and loaded...

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European Tour Day 14: London, England (Day Off)
Posted by Demon Hunter on 11/09/10

We left the hotel at 11 am ready for our day off of seeing downtown London. You aren't allowed to drive the big Sprinter/Tour Vans downtown, not to mention parking would be nearly impossible, so we set...

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European Tour Day 13: London, England
Posted by Demon Hunter on 11/09/10

We filed into the van around 3 in the morning and started our 4 hour drive to the Ferry to cross the English Channel. Patrick, Jeremiah and I squeezed into the Queens sized bed we call the "loft" and...

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European Tour Day 12: Apeldorn, Netherlands
Posted by Demon Hunter on 11/08/10

We left our squat at 9 in the morning, with plenty of hours to make it to soundcheck. The sleep was surprisingly good considering we were sleeping in a single room filled with bunks, there was a disco...

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Demon Hunter is something of profound meaning to their fans, friends, families and supporters, as evidenced by the countless tattoos, fan artwork and videos built upon the metal group’s iconic symbol, album artwork, lyrics, overall message and vibe. To many, Demon Hunter is more than a band. Demon Hunter is a symbol, a voice in the darkness.

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