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European Tour Day 16 - Glasgow, Scotland
Posted by Demon Hunter on 11/17/10

Back up at 2 pm, and the weather in Scotland is miserable. Sideways rain, blustering wind and bone chilling cold. But we're here and alive. We headed down to the venue to load in. The venue is called "King Tuts" and supposedly that is where the band Oasis was discovered and signed. The load in proved to be the most treacherous load in we may have ever experienced. There was a winding metal stair case we had to lug all the cabinets, heads and guitars down. This might not sound that daunting, but with a 90 pound bass cabinet on your back, you start fearing for your life with one slip. Luckily we made it with minimal damage.

After soundcheck we hit the streets to see what we could find. We were pretty close to a shopping area that had the usual UK clothing stores, nothing "native enough" to Scotland for my taste, but when you're only mode of transportation is your feet, you settle with what you can get to. We wandered around with no agenda in mind. I wish I could say we did something truly "Scottish," like hunted Nessie the Lockness Monster, wore kilts, or re-enacted scenes from Braveheart on the hill tops, but fortunately none of that happened. But we did get outside of the venue, which is an improvement from the night before.

We took the stage around 9, and were hoping the crowd would show us a proper William Wallace type show. But unfortunately there was not that much spirit in the room. We had a blast and cruised through the set, and sure there were those who were enjoying it, but it felt closer to those awkward shows of Italy then the riotous Germany crowds. However, its probably a good thing to have that balance, you have Germany to make you feel like you are on the top of the world, and then Italy and Scotland to remind you to stay humble. We love those countries and had a blast at the shows, so don't take that the wrong way, and we met some great people, had some good times, and are honored by everyone that showed up to enjoy the show with us.

The highlight of the show, at least for us on stage, was our Tour Manager and Sound Guy Jeremiah, getting all of us to crack up laughing during the show. It's one of those inside joke things, you know the "you had to be there moments." But we have an inside joke about us wearing "hats," everything from Pope hats, to giant cowboy hats, you name it. Yea, I know, you are scratching your head thinking "why is that funny?" Well, if you were locked in a Sprinter for endless hours with 8 guys all looking to find ways to fill the time, you come up with stupid jokes like "hats." Anyways, so while we are playing the shows, Jeremiah is behind the soundboard making us sound good, and if we need something adjusted (guitars louder, vocals quieter, ect), we look back to Jeremiah and have hand singles (or even sometimes just a look) to let him know what we need. So, during our walkabout in Scotland Jeremiah bought a giant inflatable hat, that looked like a shaved head with a mohawk, that stood about 2 ft tall. So in the middle of the set, unannounced to us Jeremiah blows up the giant mohawk and proceeds to put it on and off at intervals so not everyone is seeing the hat at the same time. At first, Patrick and Ryan see it, Patrick comes running over to me with a giant grind on his face and says "oh man, did you see that hat Jeremiah is wearing?" his words were choked out between laughing spurts. By the time I look up, the hat is gone, and there is Jeremiah looking as innocent as ever. Next Helm and Yogi catch a brief glimpse of the hat, and finally, I got my turn. We were all cracking up. Ryan did a good job of hiding it and focusing on the set, but the rest of us could not help ourselves, we were in a laughing fit.

So if you were at the Scotland show and wondering why we were all laughing like hyena's, well you can thank our sound guy Jeremiah for that.

An American looking for William Wallace in Scotland

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