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European Tour Day 15 - Nottingham, England
Posted by Demon Hunter on 11/12/10

We left our Colchester house around Noon and took our time heading to Nottingham, land of Sherwood forest, Robin Hood and the Friar Tuck. Or so we envisioned. We rolled into Nottingham around 4, and loaded in our gear, already at 4 the sun was setting, the rain was drizzling and the wind was picking up, so our dreams of stealing from the rich and giving to the poor was sidelined for our attempt to stay dry and warm. I know I had made a pact to get out and see the cities, but Nottingham seemed to be the exception, no one was quite up to headed out to seek adventure. Not to mention it was an early show (we played around 8:30), so add in getting dinner to the mix and there wasnt a giant window of opportunity.

So unfortunately I don't have too much to report from Nottingham (I will talk about the actual show later). So I guess it is only natural for me to fill this blog with what I did with my day, even if it isn't that exciting. While we were in Colchester I found a bookstore, I had been meaning to read the new Dave Mustaine (Frontman of Megadeth's) autobiography. I meant to pick it up before we left the states, and looked for it in the airport, but wasn't able to find it. And I wasn't able to find it in some of the other countries we were in, but luckily being back in England, we can find a bookstore with books in....well...English. So I spent the day yesterday reading "Hello the real me." I will preface by saying, that even though Mustaine is now a Christian, the book is PG-13 or even R rated in content, so please don't take this as an endorsement if stories of debauchery of his youth and foul language isn't something you want to dive into. But the book is a pretty quick read, and I put down 250 of the 350 pages in less than 24 hours. Being a Megadeth fan, its cool to read some of the backstories of his life, his struggles, his music and his redemption in his own words. So yea, nothing exciting to report of pre-show adventures in Nottingham, no archery, toppling kingdoms, or even a giant cartoon bear with a bald head known as Little John.

The venue, "Rock City" was was a multi-layered venue, with what seemed like 4 or 5 levels of different venues. The show was fun. The stage was pretty small, not the smallest we have played, it was deep enough to fit all our gear on stage at least, but the front of the stage held the main PA, monitors and packed with gear. But the crowd was great, and there was some guys right out front that took an English Flag and drew the DH skull on it. It made for quite a warm welcome to Nottingham (even if there was no Robin Hood). We jammed through the set, and once again threw in the Alice and Chains cover of "Down in a Hole." we've done the song twice now and had a blast. The song is a much different vibe from anything else we have played live, but we have a blast playing it. I am guessing at some point someone will put a video of it up on youtube if anyone is interested in checking it out. We had a blast hanging out with everyone after the show, but unfortunately there was a strict 10 pm curfew and security ushered everyone out after about 20 mins or so.

After the show, since we didn't have any time to explore Nottingham, we decided to make the 5 hour drive to Glasgow Scotland so we could have a day of seeing a city. Unfortunately our plan slightly backfired. We left around midnight and rolled into Glasgow around 5 in the morning and started our hunt for a hotel room. To our surprise there was some sort of convention in town and all the hotel rooms were booked up, we spent quite some time driving around to the different hotels, and calling 24 other hotels to see if there was vacancy, before we finally settled for driving 30 kilometers outside of the city to get the last remaining 5 hotel rooms we could find. Finally at 7:30 in the morning we rolled in and went to bed. Oddly enough, being that we went to bed at 7 am, we were back on a sleep schedule with Seattle, which was just a taste of we have to look forward to when we arrive back in the states and start battling jet lag.

An American in search of caffeine in Scotland.

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