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European Tour Day 13: London, England
Posted by Demon Hunter on 11/09/10

We filed into the van around 3 in the morning and started our 4 hour drive to the Ferry to cross the English Channel. Patrick, Jeremiah and I squeezed into the Queens sized bed we call the "loft" and tried to make the most of our space predicament, while the other guys were squeezing into nooks and cranny's on the floor, across seats, and just about anywhere you could stretch your legs out. It's an interesting dynamic trying to sleep in the Sprinter for sure, no one can be conformable, and there is some very weird heat zones around. In the top loft, especially with 3 people, you can expect to feel like you have a fever and sweat throughout the night, while 4 feet away, sleeping on the floor, someone is shivering to save their lives. But we're all hardened European travelers and make do on the little sleep and the little room that we get.

We made it through the boarder and onto the ferry. Coming from Seattle, I have been on plenty of Ferry's and didn't think much of getting on this one. However, I was very surprised by the size of the ship, it felt closer to a small cruise ship then it did one of the Ferry's I am used to riding in Seattle, and the English Channel in the early morning is a beautiful thing. We are all very blessed to be here and experience all these sights and cultures. After the Ferry ride, we were about an hour and a half from London, and got a room so we can catch a few hours of real sleep and showers before loading into the venue and soundchecking.

The venue was in a great part of town. It was like London's version of Broadway in New York, they had all the stage shows in the area, plenty of restaurants and bustling with people. When we drove up to unload there was a guy from who traveled 1,000 Kilometers from Romania to come to the show, and told us it was sold out, so we put him on the list so he could make it in. London seemed to be the spot for people to make long treks to come to the show, there was people who came from Australia, South Africa and many who traveled all over the UK to make it to the show. The venue was very cool, similar to Austria, it had the vibe of an underground wine cellar, unfortunately the stage was the smallest we have yet on this tour, with barely enough room for us to fit all of our equipment. But we made the best of the stage situation and had a blast. Unfortunately, coming to the UK we had to change the type of power adapters we use once again, it seems every time we get to a new style of power plugs, we are cursed with equipment issues, and London was no exception, but once again, we pushed through and made it work.

After the show, we had to leave fairly quick since there was no real parking for us (and we already got 1 parking ticket while playing the show), so we got back to the hotel room to get some sleep before our day off tomorrow.

An American Yankee in London.

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