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European Tour Day 12: Apeldorn, Netherlands
Posted by Demon Hunter on 11/08/10

We left our squat at 9 in the morning, with plenty of hours to make it to soundcheck. The sleep was surprisingly good considering we were sleeping in a single room filled with bunks, there was a disco going on below us, and we have some serious snorers in our ground, oh and not to forget the hitchhiking mouse. We loaded into the Sprinter and hit the road, and instantly we hit traffic, it took us nearly 2 hours to travel 20 kilometers, a frustrating start to the morning. We missed our soundcheck, and continued our haul. We have hit a surprising amount of gridlock traffic on tour journey over here, maybe its bad luck or something entirely different.

We pulled into Apeldorn around 3, loaded in our gear, and walked around town. The town seemed like a beautiful smaller city, and for nearly a square city mile every store front was a restaurant and the main form of transportation in the town in bicycles. There was hundreds of them filling road ways and sidewalks. The venue was a cool convention center type building, with theater seating rooms, and the venue space. Other than food we didn't see much around the town to see, so we spent most of our time at the venue. Ryan and I had a interview/open forum in one of the theater rooms. At one point I misunderstood the interviewer thinking he asked "have you seen many Demon Hunter clowns," turns out he was asking if we had seen Demon Hunter "clones" as in bands that sound like DH, we'll just chalk that laughter filled moment to being lost in translation.

We closed out the night of shows playing after a Viking Metal band called "Schlectvalk" which was a blast to watch. The room was packed, and the crowd was great. The Netherlands know how to rock. We threw in an impromptu cover of Alice In Chains song "Down In A Hole." I also forgot to mention back in the Italy update on Halloween, we covered the Misfits song "Halloween" to start out the set. It's been fun to throw a random song in here and there during soundcheck, and then decide impromptu to play it in a set. However, I think the audience last night as a little too young to know who Alice in Chains is, there was a lot of blank stares during the song, but a blast none the less.

After the show we drove out to this ski lodge type place in the woods, about 30 minutes outside of Apeldorn, that the venue had set up as housing for the bands playing. It was a long drive down unmarked dirt roads, and we were starting to wonder if Peter our driver had enough of our American humor and was going to leave our bodies in the woods. I think he caught onto our anxiety, and played it up, refusing to respond to our questions of where we are, and where we are going. But luckily Peter decided to spare us, and take us to the lodge, which was beautiful surrounded by woods for miles on either side.

Unfortunately in my last update I jinxed us when I said we were past all the long drives. Tomorrow morning we have to catch a ferry at 9:30 am to get across the English Channel and into England, so there will be no resting or sleeping in our peaceful ski lodge in the woods, only showers, then climbing into the top bunk and trying to catch some sleep on the 4 hour drive to the ferry.

A tired, but showered, American in Netherlands

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