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European Tour Day 10: Kassel, Germany
Posted by Demon Hunter on 11/08/10

Early this morning around 2 am, we were reaching the end of our overnight drive, only 100 Kilometers to go, or about an hour, when we found ourselves in a complete standstill on the freeway. We were stopped on a large bridge, with nothing but brake lights as far as the eye could see. We took the opportunity to get out and run around the freeway, throw things off the bridge and generally act out our youthfulness. It was nearly 2 hours until traffic was moving again. Not the way we, or our driver Peter wanted to end the night. We pulled up to a hotel to find out there was no vacancy, so the search continued. We eventually found a hotel and all crashed out slightly before the sun came up. One thing we have all noticed, that doesn't help our schedules, the sun comes up mid-morning and sets around 6 pm. It turns pitch black out by 7 pm, and makes your body think its 10 pm or later.

We caught a few hours of sleep before it was time to load in, the venue called "Spot" was in an industrial park of sorts, so there was not much around to see or do. So we spent our day hanging around the venue, and spending time on the precious internet. For some reason the dependancy on constant internet is not prevalent in Europe, and when you do find it, its generally pretty slow, or that might just be because the 8 of us are all instantly hogging all the bandwidth.

Once again they cooked us dinner at the venue, which seems pretty common in Europe, and for whatever reason the people working at the venues are amazing Chef's. We had a chicken pasta/stew kind of concoction that was amazing. I wish there was some way to bring home all these different meals we have had for others to enjoy. The show started around 8, and there was one opening band. Again, an odd sensation when you are used to American style billing, but I have grown to like the speed of the show with only 1 opener. As I think I mentioned in our previous Germany show, the Germans know how to enjoy a show. Even if it is not a packed room, everyone is on their feet, singing along, and getting into it. I'll take a German show over an Italian show any day of the week.

Last night should have been the last of our long drives, no more overnights for us. From here on out all the drives are around 3 or 4 hours long, so we can try to get some real rest and get on some kind of schedule, and more importantly than all that, hopefully have some more time to go see the cities and do some tourist exploring. I wish I could say I saw something of significance in Kassel, but we were gridlocked and stuck in a venue. I did do an internet search of "things to do" in Kassel, and they have a huge statue/monument of Hercules that looks pretty awesome. But seeing pictures on the internet wouldn't do it justice. We'll just have to add that trip to the list for the next time we make it to Kassel.

We ended the night all piled into one hotel room watching American TV shows on a laptop, that we bought from iTunes, and eating McDonalds. Our driver Peter has complimented on us for "not being like other American bands, always wanting to eat McDonalds and fast food." But last night was the exception. It was the only place we could find open at 1 in the morning, and a good old unhealthy American meal sounded just about right. But we did our best to go off the beaten path and get some menu items that aren't available in the US, including "American Fries" which are basically thick cut potato wedges, which are great. And Ryan had a "nurnburger" which is a burger that has 3 German sausages as the patty. So we should apologize to Peter for being "typical American" tonight, but we still ventured into some uncharted territory when we were hiding under those familiar golden arches.

A stuffed and contented American in a German Industrial park.

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