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European Tour Day 9: Vienna, Austria (Day Off)
Posted by Demon Hunter on 11/04/10

We woke up in our Ikea hotel room around 11 and got ready to enjoy a day off, although half the day and through the night will be dedicated to driving 800 Kilometers. We headed to downtown Vienna at noon and started our adventure. Arriving downtown, we saw what we all were hoping for in Vienna. The mixture of the past 400 years of architecture with modern buildings thrown in, was inspiring to see. Coming from America where it is rare to find any buildings much older than 100 years, to see Churches and structures that have survived longer than the United States has been around is exciting.

Joseph, our merch guy and French translator, took to the city on foot. We first stop we came to was Saint Stephens Cathedral, which coincidently enough was on the front of a DH shirt we had made earlier in the year, not knowing much about the Church, or even where it was from, other than the architecture looked awesome for a shirt. The Cathedral is huge, and puts to shame any building you could find in the States. The sheer size and detail of all the stone work is nearly impossible to soak in. There were catacombs located below the Church where royal families and prominent people are buried, which you can tour for 4.50 Euro, as well as an elevator that takes you all the way to the top of the spire to view the entire city from the highest point for another 4.50 Euro. The size, art, and history of the building was quite an experience. I was we could have learned some more of the history, but unfortunately all the placards and signs were written in just about every language except English. After a while soaking in Saint Stephens, Joseph and I continued our trek across the city, stopping at Churches and buildings along the way to admire them. We also made our way to some grand palace, surrounded by giant marble statues of greek gods. Again, we couldn't ready any of the plaques so I am not sure who, or what the palace was for. But none the less, it was beautiful to see.

We spend our last remaining free moments before leaving for our half day and overnight drive sitting outside a Starbucks, enjoying a familiar tasting coffee, watching the hustle and bustle of the city. We are now back in the Sprinter on our way across Austria and back into Germany for tomorrow nights show.

In love (with buildings) in Austria.

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