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European Tour Day 8: Vienna, Austria
Posted by Demon Hunter on 11/04/10

We pulled up to the venue around 2 pm, after an all night drive, packed in like sardines in the Sprinter. We had heard great things about how beautiful Vienna was, so we were all eager to get out of the Sprinter and see what was around. Unfortunately we were about 40 minutes outside of downtown, so there wasnt much to see around the venue. We were a little worried about the show that night, we weren't listed on the venues calender posted outside the venue, nor was there any posters or promotion for the show. So we were expecting the worst.

After soundcheck we went and got a hotel so we could get some rest (and showers) before the show. The hotel was a "budget" hotel, ie. cheap, but it looked like an Ikea furniture display. Very simple, modern and quaint rooms. The showers were a little awkward, they aren't connected to the bathroom like we would be accustomed to, but are just a separate frosted glass door right next to the beds. Talk about awkward showering times with a room full of people. But we all got clean, a quick rest and back to the venue.

As I have said before, the hospitality and food is far better for bands over here, then what we are used to in the states. The catering was a white rice, some kind of meatloaf concoction and a sliced chicken breast, with a gravy over the top. Man was that good, probably one of the better meals we have had at a venue during this trip, which is saying a lot considering we have had some great ones.

Around 8 pm the opening band started, there was only 1, which again is seems weird to us, being used to 2 to 4 bands opening the shows. But the venue filled up quite a bit, despite our concerns. And Austria definitely knows how to enjoy a show. Just an encouraging change after being in somewhere like Italy. There was a lot of people singing along and throwing their fists in the air. From an equipment stand point it was one of the more frustrating shows. We have had issues converting the European power to work with out American equipment just about every night. However, tonight was the worst of it. We fried 2 guitar amps, Helm's right before Fading Away, and Patrick's a few songs later right before Heartstrings, so we have to carry on sans 1 guitar. Luckily it didn't seem to kill the vibe of the show. As well along the way we have blown up 2 headphone amps, the ipod connections, and a blow dryer all fell victim to the curses of European power. But in very good news, Patrick's bag finally showed up at the venue. Norwegian airlines threw it on a plane, and had it taxied to the venue, first class treatment for a bag. Needless to say, Patrick is stoked for clean clothes, and all his amenities.

After the show was great, a handful of people stayed after to talk and hang out with us, and we met some great people. After the show, we went back to the hotel room, got cleaned up and decided to head out on the town. Ryan and I walked for an hour an a half all over the outskirts of the city. There wasn't a single other person on the streets, which seemed very odd, but there really was no one around, and nothing was open. We got back to the room around 3 in the morning and decided to crash out for the evening.

An American lost in Austria.

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