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European Tour Day 6
Posted by Demon Hunter on 11/04/10

We woke up in the shadow of the Swiss alps at 1 pm today. After our long night of adventures, we needed some sleep, and the 6 hours were just about right. We continued our trek across Switzerland, and drove through a 17 kilometer long tunnel that runs directly through the largest mountain in the swiss alps. It is sure beautiful here, and he Swiss alps live up to their reputation. The hillside cottages looked like something out of Lord of the Rings. There was much debate in the Sprinter about weather Northern Italy or the Alps were more beautiful, I sided with the Italy, but wouldn't complain about either. We pulled off on the side of the road to view some giant mountain ranges with a huge lake at the bottom, with small villages all around. I couldn't think of a much more beautiful view to wake up to every morning. I couldn't help but be a tourist and buy a Swiss Army knife in Switzerland. Given that Peter drove for so long last night, we thought we would only have a 2 hour drive today. But traffic in Zurich is CRAZY! Think New York city at rush hour, which almost doubled our drive.

The venue, called Dynamo, was really cool. It seemed like an old wine cellar of sorts, with brick walls everywhere. And Zurich knows how to enjoy a show. The room was packed, over half the room was singing along, and it seemed everyone was into it. A great show for sure. There were no opening bands, which is odd, thats the first time i have ever seen that. So we took the stage and played a long set and had a blast. In Switzerland the languages are French and German. I thought I would pull out some of my High School French from over 10 years ago, but unfortunately the people I was talking to spoke german, fail.

After the show we packed up and headed out on yet another overnight drive, 900 kilometers to Viennna, Austria. But first, we got great news, Patrick's bag has finally shown up and is waiting for us at the Zurich airport, only 15 minutes away. Patrick has grown pretty accustomed to the Italian underwear we bought him, but I am sure he would like a change of clothes. Unfortunately, the airport closes at night, and there was no one there to get us his bag. It stings to know you are so close, just one locked door away, from having your bag back, but not being able to get it. But we had a long drive ahead and had to leave. Once again, Peter, our Hungarian work horse took the reigns and drove us nearly all through the night. We packed the back of the Sprinter a little better this time, so we could fit 3 people up in the loft. Its a queens sized bed, so 3 people don't quite sleep comfortably, but Patrick, Ryan and I piled in and did the best we could to get some sleep.

An American sardine in Switzerland.

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