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European Tour Day 5
Posted by Demon Hunter on 11/04/10

We woke up in our futuristic hotel room, had a "continental" breakfast of mini cream puff doughnuts and pastries filled with neutella. Everyone out here LOVES neutella, its basically a peanut butter type spread, but instead of being made of peanuts, its made of chocolate, and its everywhere out here. We loaded up and headed out on our drive to the next venue. The view on the drive wasn't quite what it was in northern Italy. It's hard to tell if the buildings and houses are abandoned or not. The weather all day was pretty wet and rainy, and the driver side windshield wiper on the Spriter broke off, horrible timing considering the heavy rain. Peter, our driver, is a Hungarian, and we have learned Hungarians (or at least Peter) are tough as nails and don't give up, more on that later.

One thing we have noticed, we have obviously spent a lot of time around people who English is a second, third or even forth language to them, if they even speak it at all. So we have to talk slow and simple and make a lot of hand gestures. Well we have become so accustomed to talking like that, we are having conversations with eachother in simple words with overly exaggerated hand gestures. So forgive me when we arrive back in the states and I am talking to everyone like they are a 3 year old, it might take some time to adjust back.

I should mention it was Halloween, from what we were told, Halloween is a relatively "new" holiday in Italy, or at least the way Americans celebrate getting dressed up. The show was promoted as a "Halloween Party," the venue was decorated and the staff was dressed up as some kind of zombie doctor hybrids. The show was a blast, must better than the night before in Italy. There was a good sized crowd, there was still the handful that were singing along and getting into it. But unlike the night before, there was a lot of head-bobbing and good applause between the songs, which compared to the night before seemed awesome. But they still weren't anything like American, Norwegian or German fans. But they chanted and yelled for an encore, which from what we have heard is a fairly rare thing in Italy. So I will take it as a compliment.

The other thing we have learned about Italy, after every show, weather Rock and Roll, Metal or whatever, they always have a dance party after the show. So when all the bands get done playing, the disco ball drops and out comes top rock (or metal) hits of 10 years ago. I guess it maybe takes a while for word to spread to Italy that Limp Bizkit is no longer a current trend. But the hospitality in Romagnano Sesia was amazing, the promoter made us a meal of pasta that was great, nothing like you could find in the states. And after the show, we hung around the venue until 4 in the morning. Only problem was, there was only 1 hotel room available in the town. Peter, our driver, had been up nearly 20 hours straight, so we tried to convince him to take the one room and we would sleep in the van. But that Hungarian was not having it, and ended up driving another hour and a half in the morning to get us over to the Swiss boarder. Not only that, but he wouldn't stop at the first hotel we found over the boarder, because it was "expensive" and continued driving another 25 kilometers to a cheaper hotel. Peter is one tough Hungarian.

Finally getting to bed at 7 in the morning.

A tired American in the Swiss Alps.

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