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European Tour: Day 3
Posted by Demon Hunter on 11/04/10

Morning came quickly to catch our flights to Germany, we all walked like zombies to jump in the van and got checked into the airport. Unfortunately when they were checking in all our bags they ended up with 1 extra check baggage tag and we couldn't figure where it came from, so we just assumed the lady must have printed an extra one. We got some food in the airport and walked around a bit. It is amazing how quiet airports are in Europe, there is no announcements over the PA and people talk so quietly, it seems more like a library than an airport. Anyways, so we check onto our flight and grab our seats. Right behind us were some Finnish guys who were part of a motorcycle gang. For whatever reason, they decided they needed to act tough to us (even tho we didn't speak the same language), so our flight was filled with the backs of our seats being kicked and punched at an absurd rate that was nothing short of them trying to provoke us. Needless to say, most of us did not get the rest we were hoping for on the short 2 hour flight.

Once we arrive in Germany, we are all at baggage claim getting our bags and guitars when we realize Patrick's bag never showed up. We talked to the Norwegian Airlines reps and suddenly realized where that extra tag the lady checking us in was meant for. So Patrick now has nothing but a guitar and the clothes on his back, which won't make for a pleasant experience after the show tonight, being stuck wearing what you just sweated the last hour and a half in. We are hoping to get the bagged shipped to us in the next couple days.

We met our driver Peter at the airport, and we now have our new home for the next 2 weeks, a sea-foam green colored Mercedes Sprinter van. Complete it a "top" bunk, that sits about 1 ft from the ceiling, not the most comfortable place to hang out, but it should work for catching some sleep. It's going to be a tight fit for 7 guys, one or two guys will have to be in the bunk at all times while we are driving. But we'll make it work.

We arrived at the festival, Rock Without Limits, and there was about 4,000 people there. The room we played in held about 1,500 people. The promoter said he was worried about fitting all the people who wanted to see us in and out during the set. So before we went on, he asked if we could play ANOTHER set out of our first one, so everyone could see the show. We were willing to do it, but we were not looking forward to a second set. The crowd was intense, definitely one of the most riotous crowds we have played for. There were huge circle pits, and "wall of deaths" going on. Luckily after the set the promoter said they did a good job of packing more people in, and he didnt feel we had to do the second set.

We arrived back at our hotel to catch 5 hours of sleep before our 8 hour drive to Italy. looking forward to hopefully getting some authentic Italian Pizza!

An American Rocking Germany.

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