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European Tour Day 1: Oslo, Norway
Posted by Demon Hunter on 11/03/10

It was 20 hours of travel to make it to Norway. Our flight from Seattle was delayed about 40 mins or so, but it was just enough time that we missed our connection in London. Our sleep was all messed up by that time, so we all piled onto the floor in the airport and slept away a good part of our 4 hour layover in London. When we finally made it to Oslo, we were picked up by our driver/escort "Thor." That's not his real name, but none of us were able to pronounce his name, so he said we could call him Thor. I thought that was pretty fitting for being in Norway.

Thor took us to our hostel to check in. The rooms are small, I mean really small, not built for American sized men. But its quaint, and just the basics. 4 child sized bunks, and one of the smallest bathrooms I have seen. After getting unpacked and settled Thor took us downtown Oslo to see the down. It was around 10 PM local town when we got there. The town is really pretty, with cobblestone streets and some neat old architecture on the buildings. He took us out to eat Kabobs (aka Greek/Mediterranean food), which seems like a very popular food style here. We walked around town and saw the King of Norway's palace and checked out some other places with a little Rock and Roll flair.

One of our new friends we met up with (I can't pronounce his name, so we'll just call him "biker"). Biker is a member of a Christian Motorcycle club named "Holy Riders." Which has 250-350 members. Their club house is built out of an old WWII Nazi bunker, that they call "The Cave." Its a 3 floor bunker, the bottom floor is their garage where they work on all their bikes, the next floor is 250 bunk beds and an eating area. And the top floor is all meeting rooms and such. We are hoping to get to the club house at some point today to witness it ourselves.

This morning Thor and Biker are taking us to the Viking museum, where they have an old viking boat and a few houses from the time period, as well as other artifacts. I think Thor and Biker find our fascination our Vikings to be humorous.

We have our first show tonight, and tomorrow morning flying out early to get to Germany. Excited to get the first show down and continue our adventures.

An American Viking in Norway.

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