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Keep It Heavy
Posted by Demon Hunter on 03/11/10

Keep It Heavy What's up, this is Patrick Judge of Demon Hunter. For those of you that are into the tech side of things, I'll be walking through my set up, and a little info about the guitar tones on "The World Is A Thorn." My guitar set up looks like this: I play a Dean '79 ML and the new Dean Arch top ML, both with a Floyd Rose bridge and a Dimebucker pickup in the bridge. I keep the tension and action both as low as possible without getting that fret buzz and get as much range out of that Floyd as I can. I use a pretty standard string gauge. Ernie Ball 10-52. My pedal board is pretty basic. I'm not one to dance around a whole mess of pedals. I just keep what I need out front and anything extra I'll keep in the FX Loop.

The pedals I use:

Dunlop Cry Baby Wah
Digitech Whammy (up 2 octaves setting)
Boss Tuner
Boss Digital Delay
MXR noise gate
I also use a Peavey wireless system

As far as the guitar sounds for "The World Is A Thorn" go, I went direct in and used the Sans Amp guitar plug-in with a couple different settings. The guitars were reamped with the metal usual....Peavey 5150.

Keep it heavy!!!


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Demon Hunter is something of profound meaning to their fans, friends, families and supporters, as evidenced by the countless tattoos, fan artwork and videos built upon the metal group’s iconic symbol, album artwork, lyrics, overall message and vibe. To many, Demon Hunter is more than a band. Demon Hunter is a symbol, a voice in the darkness.

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