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Huntour is coming!
Posted by Demon Hunter on 07/07/09

Huntour is coming! Hello everyone.

I just wanted to take a second to talk about some upcoming shows that we're playing. The 3-day run has been given the name Huntour, and the idea behind it is to put together some exciting line-ups in various cities. This year, we'll be playing in Seattle (August 12th) and Pomona (2 shows - August 14th & 15th) and we've got some great bands joining us. In Seattle we've got Heiress (featuring John Pettibone of Himsa), and in Pomona we've got our good friends, the mighty Throwdown, the always revered Living Sacrifice, reunion shows by Focused and The Crucified (2 very influential bands for us Demon Hunter guys), plus a few up-and-comers that you don't want to miss! We're hoping to make this an annual event, in different cities, with different and unique lineups each time. This year we'll be making some exciting announcements at the shows. DON'T MISS IT!

Ryan Clark & Demon Hunter

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Demon Hunter is something of profound meaning to their fans, friends, families and supporters, as evidenced by the countless tattoos, fan artwork and videos built upon the metal group’s iconic symbol, album artwork, lyrics, overall message and vibe. To many, Demon Hunter is more than a band. Demon Hunter is a symbol, a voice in the darkness.

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