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Posted by Becoming The Archetype on 03/03/09

Hails! Well, this our initial "hello" to you viewers of the new SS site. Or as some of our fans like to say, "hails." As some of you know, we just released our third CD on Solid State and with it, we welcomed Jon back into the band. Jon's wife just had a baby and she was born with a round head, which I hear is a good thing. Because of that, we all affectionately refer to her as "ole round-head." It's certainly preferable to "ole cone-head" or at least that's what Jon's wife thinks. The baby necessitates a father's time, so right now we're just playing for our compadres here in the American south on occasional weekend runs. But we have planned a tour in Europe, which will happen the last week of October, so we're still conquering the world, just at our own rate.

I have been very involved in my church recently, playing piano for the worship services each Sunday morning and Duck has been the same, except he plays drums for his church on Sunday mornings. Jason just found a new church which he and his wife are stoked about. He and I are digging Reformed Theology right now (if you have any questions, feel free to email us, and Jon is looking for a new church since his old church dissolved. Oh yeah, and we've been working on a killer new song called "Necrotizing Fasciitis" which is a grind song of just over two minutes. We'll be hoping to give you a glimpse of that over the summer. Also, we're looking into doing a music video in the next couple months. It's taken some time because we have no interest in doing a "band jamming in a warehouse" sort of video. So finding an adequate producer who's got ideas and inventive talent has taken time, but we're getting close. We promise the video will be visually stimulating and if it's not, we won't release it.

That's all for now! Remember: God is love and love is all you need.

Count Seth
-Becoming The Archetype-

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Seth - Guitar, Keys
Duck - Drums
Jason - Bass, Lead Vocals
Alex - Guitar, Vocals