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A Glimpse Into The Lives of BTA
Posted by Becoming The Archetype on 02/21/11

A Glimpse Into The Lives of BTA Instead of rambling on about how great we are and how our new album is gonna melt your face and how you should buy it on March 29 (it’s called Celestial Completion, by the way), I think you’d probably...

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Posted by Becoming The Archetype on 03/03/09

Hails! Well, this our initial "hello" to you viewers of the new SS site. Or as some of our fans like to say, "hails." As some of you know, we just released our third CD on Solid State and with it, we welcomed...

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Quick Bio

There are a lot of things one must understand about BECOMING THE ARCHETYPE in order to fully appreciate their music, and all of them can learned from the band’s mascot: Clifton the Beardskull.

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Seth - Guitar, Keys
Duck - Drums
Jason - Bass, Lead Vocals
Alex - Guitar, Vocals