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Forevermore Announce New Album "Integral"
Posted by Forevermore on 05/17/16

Forevermore Announce New Album "Integral" Forevermore's new album Integral has been announced today and will be released on July 22, 2016!

I N T E G R A L / /

01 I
02 Nascent
03 Noumina
04 Overlord
05 Order
06 Enterprise

Forevermore Tease New Album
Posted by Forevermore on 04/26/16

Forevermore Tease New Album Forevermore has teased a new album on their social media accounts with a 2 minute video, which you can watch here:

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Forevermore Releases "Wormtongue" Music Video
Posted by Forevermore on 09/01/15

Forevermore Releases "Wormtongue" Music Video Forevermore has released the music video for their song "Wormtongue" from their 2014 album "Telos". Watch the video below or on the Solid State YouTube Channel, which should SUBSCRIBE to if you aren't...

Forevermore Release Solid State debut "Telos"
Posted by Forevermore on 07/22/14

Forevermore Release Solid State debut "Telos" Forevermore's Solid State Records debut "Telos" is out and available now! You can pick up the album at the links below, or wherever you buy your music.


Forevermore's "Telos" iTunes Pre-Order
Posted by Forevermore on 07/01/14

Forevermore's "Telos" is now available for Pre-Order on iTunes and Amazon! When you pre-order the album on iTunes you'll get the songs "Force Fed" and "Transcendence" as instant downloads.


Forevermore Release Second Song & Pre-Order
Posted by Forevermore on 06/27/14

Today the newest member of the Solid State Family Forevermore has launched the pre-order for their label debut with Solid State Records "Telos," which hit shelves and digital downloads on July 22nd. Head...

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Kramer Lowe - Vocals
Jared Storm - Guitar
Alex Smith - Guitar
Michael Taylor - Bass
Sammy Vaughn - Drums