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Fit For A King Release Sticker Pack for iMessage
Posted by Fit For A King on 10/12/16

Check out the Fit For A King Sticker Pack on the App Store for iMessage! The most efficient way to yell Fit For A King lyrics at your friends. Get it on the App Store for iMessage.

Fit For a Ki...

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Fit For A King Bio 2016

Fit For A King Bio 2016

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Quick Bio

In November of 2015, four days before Fit For A King was set to play a show in Paris, a music venue in the city was violently gunned down by terrorists. The attacks bred a frightened and brittled community, one left mourning the lives of 128 concert goers. It was egregious and horrific, and it tore into the refuge that music fosters. To Fit For A King, it pissed them off.

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Ryan Kirby – Vocals
Bobby Lynge – Guitar/Vocals
Jared Easterling – Drums/Vocals
Ryan "Tuck" O'Leary – Bass/Vocals