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The Resistance
Posted by Fit For A King on 02/21/13

The Resistance The Staff at Solid State decided to ask Fit For A King a few questions surrounding the release of their Solid State Records debut Creation/Destruction. Here is the first question:

What song on the album do you feel the most strongly has something to say?

"Creation | Destruction" was a very personal album for me. A lot of my personal struggles, triumphs, and thoughts were poured into the lyrics. For me, "The Resistance" was my most opinionated track. I usually don't like to dabble in politics or media, but one night I was watching the news and the channel was bringing on these radical Christians to be interviewed. The station was essentially planting this idea to the viewers that all Christians are ignorant, intolerant, jerks (for lack of a better word). And I know first hand that this isn't what Christianity is about.

So I proceeded to write lyrics for "The Resistance". The song talks about the Anti-Christian agenda that, for the most part, the national media instills upon its viewers, and that this is having a negative effect on the image of Christianity and what it is really about. The line "Your existence disgusts me!", which at a glance can appear to be a very harsh line, is talking about how the existence of the anti-Christian media truly disgusts me. And that we must be "The Resistance".


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Creation/Destruction out 3.12.13

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