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iTunes $5.99 Metal Sale
Posted by Various Artists on 11/02/15

From now until Friday (November 6th), we have an incredible amount of releases on sale for just $5.99 on iTunes! Now's the perfect time to catch up on some Solid State releases you may have missed...

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Killing Floor 2 (Video Game Soundtrack) Cover

Killing Floor 2 (Video Game Soundtrack) Cover

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The formation of Solid State Records can be traced back to the early '90s underground music scene. Tooth & Nail Records became a force in Christian music circles and niche underground subculture alike, with bands whose broad appeal could not be pigeonholed to a particular crowd but instead created music powerful enough to make crossover inevitable. Among those bands were heavier and more extreme sounding artists whose intensity put them alongside some of the bigger bands in the heavy metal, hardcore and then-emerging metalcore and screamo genres.

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