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Pre-Order As Cities Burn on Vinyl!
Posted by As Cities Burn on 11/14/12

As Cities Burn's "Son I Loved You At Your Darkest" is available for pre-order now on vinyl at the Solid State Store! The pressing is limited to 500 copies in a clear Coke Bottle Green, red and split ...

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As Cities Burn Photo 3

As Cities Burn Photo 3

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Humankind is united in its search for meaning, for greater truths, to solve the mysteries of life, death, God and the afterlife. These themes run a similar thread through Come Now Sleep, the new album from As Cities Burn. Sleep can be a momentary reprieve from heartache and to some, even an invitation to the great beyond. Thankfully, As Cities Burn is still around (both as people and as a collective unit) to continue to make music.

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Cody Bonnette - Vocals, Guitar
Colin Kimble - Bass
Chris Lott - Guitar
Aaron Lunsford - Drums