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Son Of The Morning
Posted by Oh, Sleeper on 08/06/09

Son Of The Morning Hey all you rockers & hip-hoppers,
Just wanted to catch you up on some Oh, Sleeper news.

We just got home from the Scream The Prayer Tour w/ Haste The Day, The Chariot, Sleeping Giant, Project 86 and Gwen Stacy, along with a slew of other bands. It was a marathon every night with 10+ bands and super early load-in times but we made so many new friends and had a lot of wonderful talks with people at the shows. Thank you to everyone who came out and supported, we appreciate your kind words a lot more than you may know.

One relationship that definitely flourished was that between us Sleeper dudes and the Chariot guys. Each one of them were extremely cool and friendly and we all hit it off so well that it looks like we are going to be doing a The Chariot/Oh,Sleeper co-headliner soon after the Every Time I Die/Bring Me The Horizon tour. Should be a wild ride indeed, plenty of bromance. We also clicked really well with the Haste The Day guys. Toward the end of the tour I started getting up and doing some guest vocals with Stephen on their song "An Adult Tree" off of their new album "Dreamer" and really had a blast. (By the way, everyone should buy that album, it's great!) Hopefully we will be doing some dates with them somewhere in the near future as well. Warped Tour?

I can honestly say that I am stoked out of my mind about this ETID/BMTH tour. ETID is one of my favorite bands and this is literally a dream come true for me, so make sure you make it out to the shows because we will all be amped to play! Plus we will be playing 3 new songs!

On our way home from the S the P tour we stopped in Atlanta, GA and shot two new music videos with Isthmus Studios under the direction of Daniel Davison. One video for "Son of the Morning" and then another for "The Finisher" as a sequel video. The man is a genius! We had such a good time, although it was probably one of the most exhausting things we've ever done (shooting for about eleven hours straight), he and his delightful team made it very enjoyable. Be on the look out for the music video debut of "Son of the Morning" around the end of August.

Also, we just officially released the song "Son of the Morning" on our MySpace and all of us are beyond excited and happy with the amount of positive feed-back. Thank you so much for your kind words everyone! I know we say this a lot, but I really want to drive this home: WE HAVE THE COOLEST MOST AWESOME FANS IN THE WORLD! WE LOVE OUR ARCHERS! Seriously, your encouragement and continued support and interest is what keeps us going, you mean everything to us. Thank you, thank you, thank you. We really don't deserve to have as incredible people as you behind us.

Ever since we finished the SOTM album, it's been torture just waiting for it to be released. We've been so anxious, in fact, that a number of times at shows when someone would inquire about the new songs we would just say, "hey, do you want to just hear the songs right now? 'Cause we have the album with us!" And then we would just have listening parties in our van. Very good times.

This new album is VERY different from WIAG and we are really excited about that and stand by it 100% as our best effort. Everything from the music, technicality, lyrical writing style, concept,'s all different. With that all said, it's very nerve-racking just hoping that everyone else hears it the same way that we do. I guess we'll see! You can also check out some interviews on our MySpace page about the concept and story behind the record if you would like to dive a little deeper.

The next song to be posted is "World Without A Sun". This is personally one of my favorite songs on the album. It's the heaviest song for sure and doesn't have any singing in it, but does have my favorite guitar riff on the album AND a nice 15 second scream. Get pumped!

Stay Classy & Stay Gold!
Micah Kinard / Oh, Sleeper

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Micah Kinard - Vocals
Shane Blay - Guitar/Vocals
James Erwin - Guitar
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